Health Plans for SimpleHR

SimpleHR Health Plans are
Client Based Plans or Individual Plans

They are provided through the following partners:

We do not currently have a Master Health Plan. If you have any further questions, please call us at 850.650.9935.

Client Based Health Plans


Client Based Plans are offered at some of our worksite locations depending on the Client election.  These smaller group plans are advantageous because of the following:

  • The plan is owned by the Client and is portable
  • The demographics of a smaller group may be more advantageous and offer better pricing
  • The Client based plan can select a number of plan options that would best suit their participants


Please check with your worksite location to determine if a small group healthcare plan is available.  If it is, you will need to ask about the waiting period along with the plan designs available and the rates.

Most of the Client Based Plans are offered through either Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), United Healthcare (UHC), or Aetna.  There are website links to these providers on our benefits website.  You can use these to find plan benefits and a list of healthcare professionals in your area


Individual Health Plans


Individual Health Plans are offered to qualified individuals based on the age, gender, and health status.  While these plans can certainly offer major discounts and better rates than large and small group plans, they are much stricter to qualify for.


Broker Information

Our Health Insurance broker can be reached at the following:


David Barton

Barton, Fenstermaker, Tondello & Associates, LLC

4458 Legendary Drive, Suite 350

Destin, Florida   32541


Office: (850) 460-7690

Fax: (850) 460-7694


SimpleHR Master Health Plan


Currently, SimpleHR does NOT offer a Master Healthcare Plan.  Many of the reasons for this are:

  • Not enough total eligible employees are interested in participating
  • A large group carrier is not offering any particular plans currently
  • Client groups are not interested in merging into a larger plan


A large group healthcare plan is always more advantageous than a small group plan simply because of the economy of scale theory.  This takes into account that the more participants there are, the better the rates may be because the risk is spread out over more of the healthy participants.  While this may not always be the case, actuarially it is more common.


The Client worksite has the option to offer a smaller more centralized plan just for their demographics and in certain cases the rates can be very competitive with larger group plans.  Please check with your supervisor to determine if a plan is offered.